The Best Thing About Me Is You

Photographer & Designer:


Erix & ONESHOWX, Inc.


The Best Thing About Me Is You

When it doesn’t matter who’s right,
fight about it all night,
you give me that look,

I say
“I’m sorry baby,let’s make up.”

I like your sweet laugh,
and just like that…
I’m stuck on you.
You and me baby we’re stuck like glue,
there you go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again.

Now the best thing about me is you.
It’s you.
Oh baby, about me is you.

Give me your blues, let me love it away.
Nothing to lose, so don’t act like such a grownup.
Stay out all night in the moonlight with me.

Let’s take a chance and hope for the best.
So Baby, don’t say no,
come on and just say yes.

The best thing about me is you.
It’s true.
It’s you!

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